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Remedy Shot Glass 25ml CE Marked

Ref: BB 006-1CE

A case of 24 25ml single shot glass made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate in the premium remedy design. A perfect alternative to glass. Use for functions such as weddings, parties, festivals as well as in licenced bars, clubs and restaurants. Ideal for shooters and bomb shots etc.

Cases of 24
Price : (9 or fewer items) 10.10 (12.12 Including VAT at 20%)
Price : (10 or more items) 9.62 (11.54 Including VAT at 20%)



Technical Information
Capacity to Rim :25ml
CE Stamped :CE Stamped
Measure Line :No
Colour :Clear
Individual Weight (g):31
Product Material :Polycarbonate
Top Width (mm):36
Base Width (mm):34
Glass Height (mm):77
Recycling Code :
Case Properties
Quantity in Case :24
Case Height (mm):70
Case Depth (mm):240
Case Width (mm):160
Case Weight (Kg):0.72
Remedy Shot Glass 25ml CE Marked

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