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35cm Oval Plain Foil Platter

Ref: 53560XX

A small aluminium foil platter / tray, oval in shape and with a plain design, the perfect way to serve buffet food - 35cm in length

Box of 100 platters
Price : 21.62 (25.94 Including VAT at 20%)



Technical Information
Capacity to Rim :
CE Stamped :No
Measure Line :No
Colour :Silver
Individual Weight (g):23
Product Material :Aluminium foil
Top Width (mm):240x350
Base Width (mm):150x260
Glass Height (mm):25
Case Properties
Quantity in Case :100
Case Height (mm):265
Case Depth (mm):380
Case Width (mm):400
Case Weight (Kg):2.95
35cm Oval Plain Foil Platter