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12oz Clear Plastic Smoothie Cups

Ref: 18203

A clear plastic smoothie cup with a 12oz / 340ml capacity with a line at 300ml, made from PET these cups are easily recyclable. Flat and domed lids are available for these cups separately. Ideal for fruit or milk based smoothies.

Box of 1250 cups
Price : (5 or fewer items) 53.66 (64.39 Including VAT at 20%)
Price : (6 or more items) 51.10 (61.32 Including VAT at 20%)



Technical Information
Capacity to Rim :12oz / 340ml
CE Stamped :No
Measure Line :line at 300ml
Colour :Clear
Individual Weight (g):7
Product Material :PET
Top Width (mm):78
Base Width (mm):51
Glass Height (mm):122
Case Properties
Quantity in Case :1250
Case Height (mm):490
Case Depth (mm):400
Case Width (mm):390
Case Weight (Kg):9.95
12oz Clear Plastic Smoothie Cups